My name is Montana, and recently I’ve embarked on a journey to be healthy again.

I like cooking, biking, hiking, and writing about an array of topics. Including, health and wellness, of course. And good food.

I’m a recent graduate of BCIT, in Vancouver, BC. After finishing college in the spring, my eyes were opened to what my lifestyle had become – too much take out, and not enough exercise. And it had taken a toll on my body and mental state. Unhappy with the person I had become, I decided to embark on a serious journey to get fit.

Like a lot of people, I’ve have made half-ass attempts to get healthy and fallen off the wagon so many times. I struggled with committing to a healthy lifestyle because I gave up as soon as I reached for ice cream. I decided that perhaps finding a community where I could be supported to stay healthy would help me commit to this plan once and for all. So for that reason, I totally invite you to chat with me if you like my blog and are going through a similar journey to mine!

This blog is also supposed to read as a realistic guide to getting in better shape for the every day person. No condescending diet tips, no unrealistic expectations, no BS. Just the real good and helpful stuff.

For more of my work, please visit my portfolio here.