Meeting your goals

So this is where I’m at right now: I was craving a quick burger from McDonalds, but I found some half-week old shake and bake chicken in the fridge, so that’s my midnight snack instead! Healthy choices? Uhhhhh… at least it’s cheaper, I guess.


Speaking of healthy choices, tell me if you’ve had this experience before. You get into a healthy diet, genuinely enjoying all the vegetables you eat. You’re abstaining from junk food and everything is going just dandy. Then, you decide after a few weeks that you want to have a burger. It sounds good, right? You’ve earned it! So when it comes time to eat this burger, maybe with a coke and fries too, you feel gross as hell. What gives?!

I’ve had that experience a few times since I started seriously dieting, and while it’s disappointing, it’s probably a good thing. I can safely say I don’t naturally crave junk food like I used to. I eat some of it mostly just because it’s always in my parents house.


I’m happy to say that I’m officially 15 pounds lighter than I was when I started this trip in May. I was 169 lbs when I realized that I needed to make serious lifestyle changes, by means of diet and exercise. This morning, the scale said 154 lbs, and I feel pleasantly surprised.

My pace might be slower than yours, or it might be faster. But it shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s, because it’s my pace, not yours. Even if I stop for small periods, I get up and start moving forward again.

I remember feeling a bit hopeless when I started and I had only lost 5 lbs. I was worried that all that hard work wouldn’t amount to anything. If you’re in a similar place, let me tell you: time will change that. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be amazed what your body can do. Please be patient, I know so well how hard it is, but you have to be.

I can’t wait to see what my body looks like in another 3 months.


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