Where was I?


Sorry, I went away for a little bit. To Vancouver, to be exact.

I sometimes help out producing for a talk radio station, so I made the trip down to produce for the weekend. It turned out to be an exciting weekend to produce because a) pride! and b) ELECTION.

But enough about that. I used to live in Vancouver, for almost 2 years before moving back home. I’ve been at my parents house for almost 2 and a half months now, and being in Vancouver feels more like being on vacation than it does being at home. Rather than feeling like I’ve settled back in too comfortably at my parents house, I feel more like a nomad – on my feet travelling between two or more places more than I’m settled into one place.

So now that being in Vancouver is more of a vacation for me, I didn’t really work out down there as much as I would have otherwise. Luckily, if you are in Vancouver for a trip and want to keep fit, they have at least a dozen community centres where you can use their fitness centre for as low as $6 for drop in. I like the Trout Lake centre, if nothing else, it has such a great view from the treadmill.

But regardless, this ended up being a more sluggish trip for me, and I’m okay with that. I was mindful of my diet there, and I was on my feet quite a bit, too. And when I took a cheat day, it was satisfying. I wanted to bike the seawall again, because I haven’t for awhile and it’s AWESOME, but it just didn’t happen. One thing I did do was venture around the Olympic Village, which is one of my favourite parts of town. And, of course, BC place looked beautiful with the colours of the rainbow, for pride.


I love the ocean – I find it calming. I was probably meant to be raised on the island, or the lower mainland, maybe up the sunshine coast. Either way, something about seeing the ocean reminds me that we’re just on the edge of the waters that connect us to other places. It’s easy to go crazy when you’re landlocked in the interior – being on the coast feels freeing.

This trip served as a pampering for my brain, which has felt worn out lately. Monotony gets to me, and i needed to revisit something I hadn’t seen for a bit. If you’re going to learn anything about fitness, I want it to be that your mental health is just as valuable as your physical being. And sometimes, you gotta take some time to pamper it by being in an environment that makes you feel at peace.

Oh, and eat tons of Thai food. That’ll pamper you, too.



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