What happened when I started hot yoga again

Many moons ago, I walked into a hot room for the first time. Maybe not that many moons, actually. Only, like, three years ago.

Anyway, I vividly remember my very first class because I had never experienced anything like it. The carpet in the hot room held a diluted version of that distinct locker room smell of sweat. The instructor had an entire milk gallon jug of water, and I thought, “Oh no. Is my 750 ml bottle enough??”

If you’ve never gone to hot yoga, it seems dauntingly easy to imagine. You’re stretching in some heat. So what? Doesn’t seem that hard.

Yeah. It is that hard.

If you’ve never done any yoga, it’s even harder to do hot yoga, if you ask me. You’re asking your body to do things its never done before, in conditions that aren’t very forgiving. When you get that sweaty, you have to rely on your own strength to keep some of the poses that involve hands pulling parts of the body closer or keeping your foot pressed against your thigh. Because guess what! You’re so sweaty that you have no traction! Wheeeee.

And yet, we keep coming back.

Over the years, I have dabbled in hot yoga. And after the City of Kamloops graciously gave me a free pass to a hot yoga studio here, how could I say no to it this time around?

So, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been going mostly every day. And I have some observations to share with you.

  • Sweat refreshes your skin better than anything. Maybe this is just a result of being more fit in general, in other ways, but my skin hasn’t looked this bright and clear in awhile. I thought my dark eye circles from not sleeping while at school would be permanent, but that is not the case at all.
  • Some days you can balance beautifully. Other days, you can’t worth a damn. It just depends on the day, but you have to shrug it off and keep going.
  • A week ago, I couldn’t do crow pose to save my life. Last night, I held my entire body off the mat with my arms for two seconds. It’s two seconds, but it’s still something. Keep practising. You don’t become an acrobat overnight, but you make small steps every day.
  • I could have saved myself mild embarrassment in many ways by just buying a yoga mat towel when I first bought my mat. Instead, I must slip on my own sweat in downwards dog because I can’t find one under $50 anywhere.
  • Someone will fart in class. It’s good to know if you do, no one will laugh, nor will anyone know it was you.
  • Your butt will get a lot perkier right away, but no one should rely on yoga alone as a efficient way to lose fat fast. You will get stronger faster than you will get leaner. Yoga is like a good accessory exercise to do to make your muscles stronger for the cardio you need to do.

What are some things you noticed after going to hot yoga for a while?


One thought on “What happened when I started hot yoga again

  1. It makes me a much better runner! Because I’ve practiced breathing with such intent, I find I can apply it to many other aspects of my life (stress, working out, etc.) As per my butt, yesterday the instructor was trying to push it down and asked me to tighten… she refused to believe that it’s just the way it is!


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