Make that Pico de Gallo yourself, here’s how.

I think I first fell in love with pico de gallo at Chipotle. I tried it with their toasty, crunchy chips, and was blown away by how flavourful a mash up of tomatoes, jalapeños, onion, cilantro and lime could be. I mean, how? HOW?

Luckily for me, Whole Foods sells a similar tasting pico. Unluckily for me, Whole Foods sells a similar tasting pico. I don’t know about you, but upwards of $4 is fairly steep to spend on something I can finish in 3 days just snacking on.

So, naturally, I experimented with trying to recreate it. And after a year of trying, I can safely say I’ve perfected it.

I have a foolproof recipe for pico de gallo that takes no longer than half an hour to prepare – and you’re going to love it. Pico de gallo is a great low calorie option to have with chips, salads, and even certain savoury dishes.

So first, when making pico de gallo at home, you will need: two medium sized tomatoes, a jalapeño, one slice of red onion, cilantro, half a lime’s worth of juice, and a super cool mason jar to store it. IMG_1120  A lot of what I cook is guesstimations, and really tailoring the recipe to your preference. So that’s the make up for a decent batch you’d bring to a party, or something. Use that ratio to make more or less pico if needed.

From here, it’s pretty simple – chop, chop, chop. Starting with the tomatoes seems natural, because it’s the base. Cut a tomato in half, and scoop out the seeds (unless you’re a monster who liked the seeds? Who even are you??) Next, dice into fairly small chunk, but no need to pulverize them.

Next, the jalapeño is up. Cut off the stem, and cut the sides off so you avoid the centre. You can either be diligent about it and make sure no seeds end up in the jar for a mild mix, but if you like the heat, add some seeds.

Maybe give the mixture a stir, and continue on. Dice up the red onion, as well as some sprigs of cilantro, and mix it in! Cilantro really makes it for me, but if you’re one of those people who is against it, by all means keep it out. I just have no idea how good it will taste for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, the lime. If you bought a real life lime, roll it on the counter, and cut in half. Take one side and squeeze it hard over the rest of the mix. Give it a stir to make sure it’s all been jumbled up, and congrats! You’ve just made your first batch of pico de gallo!IMG_1127Prepare to put it all over everything, because it’s delicious! It will ruin your life in the best way possible.


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