Popsicles that will save you this summer

So imagine it’s hot outside. Of course. You reach into your freezer for salvation, and yes! At last! Popsicles! So delicious, and so, so cold. You eat one, or six. And after the last one before you call it a night, you casually glance at the box to see what’s in them, and realize you’ve consumed enough sugar to give a baby elephant a head rush, and you’re also 6 hours of running away from getting back on track.

If only you had bought those “healthy” popsicles from Whole Foods.. that cost $10 a box.

This tragedy happens to all of us, and it’s about time we started doing something about it. Which is partly why I started making my own popsicles for the summer – and you can too!

Popsicles are actually super simple to make once you have a popsicle mould. Need one? I guarantee any department store, or a grocery store that also sells housewares will have them. They’re cheap if I recall, too. Alternatively, use dixie cups if you don’t want to buy a mould.

Next, just, like, pour the ingredients in and freeze. That’s it. And eat one at a time when they’re ready and you’re craving a popsicle. That’s how easy it is to make your own popsicles, and it’s going to be infinitely cheaper, and healthier, for you. Why aren’t we all doing it, hey?

So without further adieu, here are some good choices for homemade popsicles.

  • Want something healthy? Try a green popsicle or maybe one with coconut water to keep up your health kick, even when you’re having something sweet.
  • If you want something boozy, you’re in luck. There are dozens of recipes for grown up popsicles like this sangria pop, or this tequila sunrise-inspired one. Also, mojito pops.
  • You could probably pass this iced coffee popsicle off as breakfast. But I’d replace heavy cream with coconut milk, and maybe adding a touch of agave to sweeten it. Chai popsicles are also a thing, and I can imagine you could make a tasty, but not overpowering, popsicle out of any tea. Nice.
  • These pineapple jalapeno ones caught my eye big time. I have jalapenos in my fridge right now I could try this out with. Oooooh so tempting.
  • Finally, if you want your pops to look like works of art (because, lets be real, I’m that person,) here are a variety of popsicles: tropical avocado, coconut mango, and these seriously cool yogurt + fruit pops.

Really, the possibilities are endless. In these summer months, why wouldn’t you eat popsicles non-stop? Go forth and try out these popsicles, my friends!


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